MoshingLyingDown by Marcelo dos Santos & fanSHEN

Shunt and festivals tour | Summer 2010

Boy meets Girl. They bounce.
Princess WLTM Prince. But she works in a shoe shop.
Man holds Woman. Woman holds Man. Who will drop who first?

Moshing Lying Down is a trilogy of familiar stories, told in a unique physical style. It crosses boundaries between theatre genres, combining the narrative drive of new writing with the visual flair of physical theatre.

Moshing Lying Down is a story of relationships: the first meeting, the search for Mr Right and version of events told down the pub after the not-so-glorious night before. The internal world of emotions is expressed through variations of a single physical gesture for each story: bouncing, running and carrying. Five performers create various settings and multiple characters: the piece celebrates a low-tech/ high creativity approach to making theatre. It is fast, funny and highly accessible.

“I am still smiling on this grey day because Moshing Lying Down was so joyous and I'm still thinking about it. For almost the first time it felt like I saw a show that truly relished words/text but with imaginative use of movement that was in harmony.”
- Audience feedback

CAST Peter Bray, Sarah Calver, Jennifer Jackson, Joseph Radcliffe & Sophie Steer | DIRECTION Dan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe

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