MoR: Plasticine Futures

Barbican Creating Conversations (March 2014), Culture & Ecology Network, Young Vic (January 2015), Transition Network Conference (September 2015)

Option A. The future is not bright, or orange, or any other shade of desirable colour. It’s some kind of post-apocalyptic distopia. It’s The Road meets Waterworld meets Children of Men meets Hunger Games.

Option B. We came close to messing it all up but thankfully technology saved us. Hoverboards, androids, colonies on different planets - it’s all ok. Thank god for tech. Or thank tech for tech. Or something. Whatever - we survived and it’s shiny.

2 options. 10 instruction cards. Lots of plasticene. Let’s sort out which future it is, once and for all.

Most representations of the future in films, books and other art forms are dominated by either Option A or Option B. Plasticine Futures takes an aikido-like approach to imagining the future; rather than fighting against what people want to imagine, it invites participants to indulge Options A and B to the extreme, build intricate worlds out of sophisticated futurology materials (plasticine, newspaper and straws), and see what we find on the other side.

It was friendly, informal, unexpected. It surpassed my expectations. 

Everything worked well. It gave me optimism about people. 

I really enjoyed it. A wonderful group and important contemporary topic. I loved the YES factor.

The line of enquiry was thought through and impassioned. I loved the tactile elements and the collaborative imaginative processes and PLAYING. 

It was really fun and unusual. I felt engaged the whole time. I connected creatively with others and learned about other people’s thought processes.

Various participants, Barbican   

The Ministry of Remoldability is an ongoing project about how we think, hope and act for the future. It uses lo-fi, playful methods to explore big ideas in participatory settings.

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