MoR: Future Backwards Pursuit

Einstein’s Garden at Green Man Festival (August 2015)

3 dice. 3 and a half minutes. A pile of lego. Design an artefact from 2150 - GO!

In the future everything is square. No, really. Squrgers, squoothbrushes, squicycles and squaroplanes. The Squadron of Squares are kind of bored of this so they’re back from the future with a pile of Squego and 3 dice to get some ideas from the non-squares of 2015 about how else things could be.

Future Backwards Pursuit is a imagination gameshow for anyone from age 3 upwards. Will everything be awesome in the future? The bricks are in your hands.

The Ministry of Remoldability is an ongoing project about how we think, hope and act for the future. It uses lo-fi, playful methods to explore big ideas in participatory settings.

REMOLDABILITISERS Dan Barnard, Rachel Briscoe, Clare Dunn, Bradon Smith

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