The Ministry of Remoldability

est. 2014

The Ministry of Remoldability is an ongoing project about how we think, hope and act for the future. It uses lo-fi, playful methods to explore big ideas in participatory settings. 

The Ministry has taken up residence at arts organisations, museums, festivals, conferences and other events. It has worked with artists professional and nonprofessional, human beings older and younger, and people who would prefer not to be categorised. Some projects are created in direct response to a certain event and others are a way of giving expression to something that one of us has been puzzling over for some time, in a variety of settings. If you’d like to work with the Ministry of Remoldability, please get in touch.

Each project undertaken by the Ministry has an index number. 

F0000001 - Plasticine Futures

F0000002 - Design for Sharing [PFv2] 

F0000003 - Curators of the Future

F0000004 - Radical Mobility [v1]

F0000005 - The Unlympics

F0000006 - Future Backwards Pursuit

F0000007 - Finding Forever

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