The 'green' in GreenandPleasantLand

When we started making GreenandPleasantLand in 2012we knew that we didn’t want it to be a story of apocalyptic environmental melt-down or a ‘look at the polar bears dying’ type parable. We wanted to present a greener way of life that was happier and more fun -where people were more important than stuff, growing veg was an amazing game, and wind or pedal-powered transport was way cooler than cars.

We also knew from the outset that we wanted to embed the idea of sustainability at the heart of GreenandPleasantLand, to make it our starting point for the themes of the piece, the way we made it and they way we travelled. We wanted GreenandPleasantLand to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. 

To achieve this we performed outside during the daytime (so it wouldn’t need electric lights); powered the show’s soundtrack with a bicycle generator (built by the amazing Magnificent Revolution); and toured entirely by train (instead of using a van as we had done in the past). The result of this was that the show had only 43% of the carbon footprint of a traditional small-scale theatre tour.

You can see us talking about the triumphs and challenges of making this show in a 'green' way, here (part 1) and here (part 2).

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