A 2009 paper by the Tyndall Centre, entitled Fear Won't Do It, found that the commonplace sensational representations of climate change "can successfully capture people's attention" but also disengage them and "render them feeling helpless and overwhelmed". People are unlikely to be terrified or guilt-tripped into changing their opinions. To inspire change on a personal level, people must feel that changing the way they live could lead to a happier future.

"It's really important for the environmental community to reach out in ways that don't involve cold statistics, science and data but can engage at a human level, and art has the enormous potential to do that.
- Tony Juniper, former director of Friends of the Earth. 

High quality arts projects exploring themes of climate change and sustainability can raise awareness and educate about these important subjects, in a way that is urgent but also accessible and fun. The creative restrictions that 'green' theatre brings can also be an exciting stimulus to theatre-makers. 

fanSHEN have minimized the carbon footprint of our office and administrative activities. We recently installed insulation and double glazing and began a composting system. We travel to all meetings and rehearsals by bike or public transport and avoid using taxis and cars whenever possible. We urge audience members to think about traveling to our shows by bike or public transport whenever possible and to avoid traveling by car or taxi if you can.

Julie’s Bicycle have helped us enormously with our environmental efforts. They advised us on our Environmental Policy and conducted a carbon audit of our 2012 tour of GreenandPleasantLand.

fanSHEN are co-founders of the Culture and Ecology Network, convened with Lisa Woynarski and the support of the Young Vic; it's a group of small-scale theatre companies and artists which meets monthly to discuss issues and explore innovations around theatre and sustainability. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

If you want more information about a greener lifestyle, check out Transition Network, Do the Green Thing or Friends of the Earth.

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